Access a wide range of interest-only & amortizing loans.

The Funding Group focuses on large and often complex transactions for high net-worth clients, delivering individualized lending solutions that are mainly tailored to our lenders’ requirements as well as our clients’ needs.

The Funding Group takes an individualized approach to lending, designed to grasp all the complexities, select the correct lending product, consider layered tax scenarios, structure the loan, and properly present the loan to our lender-partners.

What is Individualized Lending?

 Individualized Lending gets its arms around financial complexity, providing lending solutions that take into account challenges faced by our clients, including, real estate investors, retirees, foreign national and self-employed clients.

Critical stages of this process include a much deeper understanding of a client’s business and assets, thorough review by our in-house CPA as part of cash-flow discovery and use of a problem-solution storytelling structure which helps mitigates risk.

How The Funding Group Can Help

The Funding Group offers an array of interest-only and fully amortizing loan products that match borrowers with regional and local banks that are equipped to understand the most complicated loan scenario.

In addition, we also offer unique refinance services for adjustable rate mortgages (ARM’s) that are about to or have reset to a higher interest rate, including long-term interest-only loan options for borrowers with atypical financials or a more unusual refinance scenario.

I had a very difficult situation with complexities that I will not go into but Wes was patient and stood by us the entire time. He was smart and had a lot of creative ideas. I cannot thank him enough and will be going back to him when I make my next purchase!

Garret W.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lowest fico you accept ?

580 credit score

What is the minimum down payment?

10% on Jumbo and 5% for conventional

Do you have programs that don’t require tax returns?

Yes, bank statement and DSCR program and full stated program

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