These are Stated income business purpose and no-tax return loan programs designed specifically for residential property investors and high-end residential developers.

Investment Property Loans 1 – 4 Units

The Funding Group has a clear and deep understanding of real estate investors and has long-standing relationships with local lenders who will underwrite investment property loans with or without tax returns.

A handful of underwriting methodologies may be used in assessing what program best fits with the borrower’s financial profile including focusing solely on the properties cash-flow or property valuation.

The Funding Group offers programs with extremely highly competitive interest rates that take into account both the rental property cash-flows as well as the borrower’s income statement and balance sheet.

Our lenders will also make the loan directly to the LLC limited partnership (LP) or corporation and provide interest-only adjustable rate mortgages (ARM’s) with no limit to cash-out proceeds.

Interest-only loans are available, which may assist property cash flow a good amount. A majority of loan programs for rental and investment properties carry no pre-payment penalty.

Rates are fixed from 3 years up to 10 years. The term of the loan is typically 30 years.







Who Are These Loans For?

  • Loans from $500,000 up to $25 million specifically designed for residential 1 – 4 single-family residences.
  • Interest-only rental property loan options OK.
  • LLCs, limited partnerships, corporations, and irrevocable trusts OK.
  • Cash-out OK up to 60% of appraised value. No-limit on cash-out proceeds.
  • Stated income (business purpose) investment property loan programs up to $5.1 million with interest only available. Maximum loan-to-value 60% of appraised value.
  • Custom loan structures for rental property and investment property homes including cross-collateralized and blanket loans with interest only.
  • No tax returns required to qualify. Borrower’s qualification is based on cash-flow from the subject property or borrower income statement and balance sheet. Better interest rates available when borrower fully discloses financials.
  • Foreign borrowers and foreign real estate investors welcomed.
  • Loan options with no prepayment penalty available.

Our Added Features

Here are some of the added features of these loans:


  • 48-72 hour Letter of
    Intent (LOI), close as
    quickly as 14 days.
  • Loan options with no
    prepayment penalty.
  • Loan options with no
    prepayment penalty.
  • LLC, blind trust, irrevocable trust, and corporate vesting welcomed.

I had a very difficult situation with complexities that I will not go into but Wes was patient and stood by us the entire time. He was smart and had a lot of creative ideas. I cannot thank him enough and will be going back to him when I make my next purchase!

Garret W.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lowest fico you accept ?

580 credit score

What is the minimum down payment?

10% on Jumbo and 5% for conventional

Do you have programs that don’t require tax returns?

Yes, bank statement and DSCR program and full stated program

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